23.David Pope
I have been looking for a great photo of 4084 'Aberystwyth Castle' that my Great Grandfather drove to frame along with buttons off of his GWR uniform and his WW2 lapel pin badge. Found a great picture of this and this will form a great family keepsake.
22.peter kerslake(non-registered)
Old enough , but fortunate enough to remember the days of " real " steam , and your image of the two gas turbines 18000 and 18100 together at Swindon is the only shot that I have ever seen of these two together in many years of building an archive on them...it must surely be unique.
20.ron cox(non-registered)
its a pleasure to look at part of our great railway history,i have purchased quite a few photos linked with my hobby ,long may you continue
19.Sheila simms(non-registered)
My dad was a guard on these trains ,out of Kings Cross until 1956.Wonder if there are any pics of guards about fromthat era,,thanks. George leonard peacock was his name,known mostly as len x
18.Bob Wallen(non-registered)
Saddened to hear of the death of Hugh Ballantyne, a legend amongst photographers.
17.PAUL UNDERWOOD(non-registered)
Picture 606 45067 is standing on N07 road at Aston MPD where I worked from 1956 to 1963. Saltley MPD was roundhouses
13.DEREK DEAN(non-registered)
am researching GWR coaling stages and hoping some views will be found on your extensive site
10.Gerry Jones (Wales)(non-registered)
Nice photos... brill.
9.kenny thompson(non-registered)
WOW, Just happened to Surf-Into your web site & I am SO-SO Impressed !!!
Actully intended to waste a few mins browsing, & ONE HOUR LATER !!! I am STILL BROWSING !!! I will be late for work in the morning, Many-Many Thanks, Kenny, North WALES.
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