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Taken 10-Aug-84
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Class 489103 Gatwick Airport 110884 DM735_edited-1

Class 489103 Gatwick Airport 110884 DM735_edited-1

Gatwick Express Class 489 (GLV) 9103 tails the 17.00 Victoria - Gatwick Airport service (Headed by 2 x Class 73/1 ED's) as the train approaches Gatwick Airport station, 13/8/84. The GLV was a conversion from a Class 414 Driving Motor Car, it was used as a powered baggage car and retained it's traction capability, it had a Driving compartment at one end and the train sets were through wired to enable multiple communication with the Class 73/1 at the opposite end of the train, both the GLV and 73/1 were used in multiple when in service 11/8/84. ©Dave Moulden/Rail Photoprints