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fine choice of photographs of both steam and diesel eras.
Martin Ramsdale(non-registered)
Great Class 40 photo's I just viewed covering the whole Class 40 history from start to end.
I certainly have to say I drooled at them too.
If you ever did a Class 40 book using some of the collection then I hope the colour shot of 212 Aureol sandwiched between several Class 25's at Workington sp is a must only because I ain't seen a colour photo of Aureol in original pre-tops blue livery
chris price(non-registered)
im sure these photos will bring back some good memories
Leonard Rogers(non-registered)
Re- the various pictures of DP2
The loco entered regular service with BR on 14/5/62 based at Camden and working a diagram comprising the 07.45 Euston- Liverpool, 14.05 Liverpool - Euston "Manxman" (1A40) [RAW 998 and RPC 146], 19.15 Euston - Inverness (1S07) [DC 286/285] as far as Crewe - not Carlisle as previously suggested - and, it is believed, the up West Coast Postal back to London.
In 9/62, at the start of the winter timetable, it switched to working the 13.25 Euston - Blackpool and Perth (1S81) as far as Carlisle [RAW 046], returning on the 21.00 ex-Perth. This continued until May 1963, when, for its final six weeks or so on the LMR, DP2 worked an out-and-home roster to Blackpool, consisting of the 17.05 down (1P75) on Mon. to Thurs. and 17.15 on Fridays (1P79) followed by the 08.00 up (1A13). See RAW 929-1; RPC 366 and 367 must also date from this period - probably on a Saturday because of the 1P79 on the rear of the loco.
From July 1963, the loco worked on the ER, until its demise in July 1967. The 1A18 working shown in RPC 025 will probably be the Saturday 10.10 KX - Edinburgh while RPC 658-1 probably shows the loco backing out of KX after working 1B21, the up Sheffield Pullman, 15.20 ex-Sheffield Victoria, which was part of its regular roster at the time.
Leonard Rogers(non-registered)
NP 364 : I doubt this will be 19/4/70, since this was definitely the date of the Crewe open day as shown on the following slide, CW 008.
It has to be some time during the period between 9/3/70 and the last week of May that year, though. This was the short period when Kestrel was working the 19.35 Hull - Stratford freightliner and the 02.30 return working (4H66) every weekday. She stabled at Dairycoates, as shown, during the day then returned to her maintenance base of Tinsley at weekends, Dairycoates having lost its maintenance facilities by then.
Leonard Rogers(non-registered)
DC286 : This is the down Royal Highlander, 19.15 Euston - Inverness, part of DP2's regular diagram (as far as Carlisle) at this time. The sun is in all the wrong direction for a morning departure from Euston.
Leonard Rogers(non-registered)
I'd add my agreement to Peter Kerslake's comment.
RAW 119 : 1B20 was the up Master Cutler, 07.25 Sheffield Victoria - Kings Cross. Together with the down and up Sheffield Pullmans and the down Master Cutler this was a regular diagram for Falcon at this time.
Mel Westwood(non-registered)
I am looking for images of steam locomotives on the Bed-pan line in LUTON Bedfordshire.

Would be interested to know if any photo's are available. Luton Midland Road Station and Bute Street Station.
peter kerslake(non-registered)
I regret no longer being able to add any comments to a number of these fine images as was possible in past times as that facility seems to have now been deleted from the revised site , and a number are just crying out for a few snippets of additional information to enhance the pictures , but sadly it is apparently not now open to do so , which is a great pity .
Is there any hope for reinstatement of the facility in the future , please ?
Chris odell(non-registered)
I am research with old railway and stations around the northamptonshire. I am looking some old photos of stations, railway and loco runs etc.
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